by MASL News Release

The 2023 Ron Newman Cup Playoff format was announced October 19 at the MASL Owners Meetings at the Statler Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The top three teams from each conference will advance to the quarterfinals and be seeded 1-3.

 The fourth and fifth seeds from each conference will play head-to-head in a play-in game hosted by the higher seeded team, unless otherwise agreed on by both teams.

 The quarterfinals will once again feature a home and home series with the highest seeded team in each conference playing the winner of the play-in game and the second and third highest seeded playing each other.

 The semifinal round will also be a home and home series featuring the winners of the quarterfinals games competing against each other within their conference to determine a Conference Champion. 

 A finals round will feature the Eastern Conference Champion squaring off against the Western Conference Champion for the chance to win the coveted Ron Newman Cup Trophy.

 If a home and home series results in a tie the series will go to a Knockout Game. This matchup will start with a full 15-minute period. If a winner has not emerged by the end of 15 minutes of play the game will move to sudden death overtime in increments of 10 minutes.