by Jeff Husted

KANSAS CITY (July 20, 2020) – The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) announced the further expansion of the arena soccer pyramid with the creation of MASL3 (M3). This new level of arena soccer will be regionally based with teams organized into individual conferences.

Similar to M2, teams in M3 will be able and encouraged to form strategic relationships and affiliations with teams in the other two levels of the arena soccer pyramid, MASL and M2. The M3 will serve as the amateur gateway for players who are looking to develop into the professional players featured in M2 and the MASL.

“The development of M2 has shown us that there is a definite need and desire to develop arena soccer talent across the country,” said MASL Commissioner Joshua Schaub. “Almost immediately after we started working with our M2 directors, we started receiving calls from teams interested in working with us to develop this third tier and we’re excited about the opportunities this will present for our game, our players and our fans.”

M3 is set to kickoff in 2021 with the first three conferences already in development. The Great Lakes Conference, Heartland Conference and Southwest Conference expect to announce its member teams in the coming weeks and months.

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