by Jeff Husted

KANSAS CITY (June 4, 2019) – The MASL brain trust descended upon Kansas City today for the league’s annual Spring Meetings. This is the first chance for all owners and team representatives to get together and review the 2018-2019 season and begin preparations for the 2019-2020 season.

The day opened with MASL Commissioner Joshua Schaub welcoming the members of the league and sharing information across the teams regarding the health of the league, as a whole.

Schaub took the attendees through a deep dive of the league’s analytics, helping the members to have a better understanding of the league’s strengths and weaknesses across the league.  For the second straight season the MASL saw an increase across the league in ticket revenue and many teams saw overall revenue increases year-to-year over previous seasons.  

“First day meetings were very productive,” said Schaub. “We saw a lot of great information that our teams can take back to their markets and use as they plan how to be successful in the next season and beyond.”

Teams also took advantage of the time together with their peers to share ideas and best practices. Although they may be rivals on the field, the growth of the league and every member team is something that all parties in attendance today were interested in.  Teams strategized about ticket sales, promotions and marketing.

“It was great to talk with the other teams and see what works for them and what issues they faced throughout the season,” said Utica City FC General Manager Tommy Tanner. “I know that I heard a lot of great ideas and it’ll be great to see if there’s something we can use to make our game day even better.”

For the back half of today’s meetings, the MASL invited several vendors in to meet with the league’s members. Items discussed were potential sponsorships, marketing partnerships and merchandise options.

Tomorrow the members will gather again for a long day of planning and discussion. Topics of the day will include future expansion, M2, and media strategy.